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Release Notes for Front Office 9.3

This article covers the following topics relating to the release of Front Office 9.3:

Enhancements to the product this release

The Biomni Community provides an ever-increasing set of self-help resources, including knowledge base articles, FAQs, videos, adapters, templates to download, etc. Support calls can also be logged here. It is accessible online at https://frontofficehelp.biomni.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Request Type configuration: List-box

Several amendments have been made to the request field list-box configuration area, including:

  • Removal of validation prevents a list-box item from being edited if the request field is used within Rules, Approval, or Fulfilment.
  • The Import button is now always available, regardless of whether list-box items already exist. The item’s code is also editable through the import process, and the code is displayed on the import popup of the base language. The code is separated from the description by a tab.
  • All core list-box item edits can be carried out in the base language. Only the description should be updated in the local language.
  • The list-box items data is available in XML, for easier editing. It can be found via a checkbox named Advanced, at the base of the base language import popup.

Request Type configuration: RequestLabel

The Request Labelfield is now available as a single-entry addition to a request type. It is classed as a system field. It can be selected as a column to be included in the Request List, “list” view, and it is available on the Request ListAdvanced Search page.

Out of Office: notification emails

When configuring an Out of Office period within About Me, the option to continue to also receive notification emails is now offered.

Tenant List: status

A new filter on the Tenant List page allows deactivated tenants to be excluded by default.

Support for changing Database Connection strings

Database Connection strings can now be edited post-install, using the Configurator. This might be used when moving to a clustered database.

Bug Fixes 

Description Biomni #
User Group list: user group members with an apostrophe in their name are being displayed incorrectly. #648

All bug fixes published within front Office 9.2SP4are included.

System Configuration Setting Amendments 

A full list of System Settings is available in the Documentation folder and via the Admin > Support category in the website.

  • Deletions: Display
  • Address Account Codes

Access Right Amendments 

A full list of access rights is available in the System Settings List, available in the Documentation folder, and via the Admin > Support category on the website.

Installation/Upgrade Considerations 

The install and upgrade process, as well as the instructions for applying a service pack, is explained in more detail in the Front Office 9.3 Installation and Upgrade Guide. If upgrading, please also review this section within each release Notes for intervening versions.

Please contact the support team via https://frontofficehelp.biomni.com/hc/en-us/requests/new if you have any questions.

Prerequisite: .Net Framework 4.7.2

Front Office 9.3requires .Net Framework 4.7.2 to be installed.

Role privileges for installation and upgrade

The user who creates or upgrades the database should typically have the database ‘sysadmin’ role. Prior to starting the process, a validation check warns if the user entered does not comply.

It is possible to run with reduced privileges. Details can be found in the Installation and Upgrade Guide: –Installing Database with reduced permission set.


Windows Server 2019

WindowsServer 2019 is now supported.

Windows Server 2012 is no longer supported.

SQL Server 2017

If upgrading SQL Server and you have the Front Office reporting feature configured, you need to do a standalone install of SSRS and ensure you are using the Reports/ and ReportServer/ virtual directories, instead of the default Reports_SSRS/ and ReportServer_SSRS/.

More information is available in the Front Office 9.3 Installation and Upgrade Guide.


The Front Office SDK can be found in <installlocation>\SDK

Software requirements for Front Office 9.3


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