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Release Notes for Front Office 9.4

This article covers the following topics relating to the release of Front Office 9.4:

Enhancements to the product this release

The Biomni Community provides an ever-increasing set of self-help resources, including knowledge base articles, FAQs, videos, adapters, and templates to download etc. Support calls can also be logged here. It is accessible online at https://frontofficehelp.biomni.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

App Store Search Improvements 

Reference: 2099 

Improvements have been made to the search functionality within the App Store allowing extended wildcard search functionality. You can now use wildcard characters (* and ?) at the beginning of your search string as well as the end. 

Add Support for SQL Server 2019 

Reference: 1088 

Support has been added for SQL Server 2019. 

Support for SQL Server 2012 has been removed from Front Office.

Use of Inclusive Phrases  

Reference: 1836 

Use of more inclusive phrases, replacing the term listed below with a new alternative version following feedback from customers. 

  • ‘Master Data’: ‘Base Data’ 

Bug Fixes 



Request Approval: Staging message appearing incorrectly. 


App Store: Incorrect ordering of tiles 


About Me: Concurrency error when saving changes 


All bug fixes published within Front Office 9.3 SP1 are included. 

System Configuration Setting Amendments 

A full list of System Settings is available in the Documentation folder and via the Admin > Support category in the website. 

Access Right Amendments 

A full list of access rights is available in the System Settings List, available in the Documentation folder, and via the Admin > Support category in the website. 

Installation/Upgrade Considerations 

The install and upgrade process, as well as the instructions for applying a service pack, is explained in more detail in the Front Office 9.4 Installation and Upgrade Guide. If upgrading, please also review this section within each Release Notes for intervening versions. 

Please contact the support team via https://frontofficehelp.biomni.com/hc/en-us/requests/new if you have any questions.

Prerequisite: .Net Framework 4.7.2

Front Office 9.4 requires .Net Framework 4.7.2 to be installed. 

Role Privileges for Installation and Upgrade 

The user who creates or upgrades the database should typically have the database ‘sysadmin’ role. Prior to starting the process, a validation check warns if the user entered does not comply. 

It is possible to run with reduced privileges. Details can be found in the Installation and Upgrade Guide: Appendix F – Installing Database with reduced permission set. 

SQL Server 

SQL Server 2019 is now supported. 

SQL Server 2012 is no longer supported. 

If upgrading SQL Server to SQL Server 2017 or above, and you have the Front Office reporting feature configured, you need to do a standalone install of SSRS and ensure you are using the Reports/ and ReportServer/ virtual directories; do not use the default Reports_SSRS/ and ReportServer_SSRS/ virtual directories. 

More information is available in the Front Office 9.4 Installation and Upgrade Guide. 


The Front Office SDK can be found in <installlocation>\SDK

Software Requirements

It is recommended that the latest service pack should always be used for all software. 

 Server Operating System 

The following operating systems are supported: 

  • Windows Server 2012 R2 
  • Windows Server 2016 
  • Windows Server 2019 

SQL Server

The following versions of SQL Server are supported: 

  • SQL Server 2014 
  • SQL Server 2016 
  • SQL Server 2017 
  • SQL Server 2019 
  • Azure SQL database 
  • Microsoft SQL Server on Amazon RDS 

Client Browsers 

The following client browsers are supported: 

  • Internet Explorer 11 
  • Edge 
  • Firefox  
  • Chrome 
  • Safari 

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