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Additional System Configuration Settings

Up to three customer-configured hyperlinks may be displayed at the base of the home page, e.g., to link to specific terms of use or privacy statements. It is possible to set a label for each link, as well as whether it is displayed only for logged in users.

A global setting determines the maximum number of items for a picklist before a searchable pop window is displayed instead. A global setting, which can be overridden by users in About Me, determines the maximum number of records displayed in each page of a grid.

The system configuration settings referenced in this document are considered the key settings; additional settings are available in Settings > System Configuration.

System Configuration Settings:

  • Custom link to be displayed on Home Page (x3)
  • Label of Custom link to be displayed on Home Page (x3)
  • When to show Custom link on Home Page (x3)
  • Maximum number of items for pick-list display
  • Maximum number of records to show in list views

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