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Below is a summary of the different facets of Front Office integration. More detail can be found in the
relevant sections in the Admin Guide or by contacting the support team via https://frontofficehelp.biomni.com/hc/en-us/requests/new for further information.


This article covers the following topics:


The Service Catalog provides custom user interface integration by allowing custom panels to be
developed and displayed within the Service Catalog. These panels can range from simple read-only
widgets to full-blown applications that might use other Front Office integration points, including the
Front Office SDK and web service API, custom CSS, custom JavaScript, panel JavaScript and Punch-In

Cascading Style Sheets

The Front office website cascading style sheets can be customized by editing via Admin > Settings >
Theme >> Custom CSS tab.


Site-based JavaScript customizations can be applied via Admin > More… Custom JavaScript.

When developing custom panels there are typically requirements for the panel to communicate to
Front Office, for example, redirection when session timeouts. This page ensures Biomni.FrontOffice.js
file can be referenced in a custom panel, providing client-side functionality to Front Office.

Punch in URLs

PunchIn URLs are URLs that provide external access to different parts of the web interface. These can
also be utilized by custom Service Catalog panels, allowing navigation between panels.


There are several integration points provided by adapter web service hooks that allow integration with
request and workflow.

Custom Single Sign-On

If the out of the box authentication mechanisms provided by Front Office do not satisfy business
requirements, a custom Single Sign-On component can be developed. To implement custom Single
Sign-On, a new dynamic link library must be created that implements the single sign-on interface

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