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Front Office Request Update

Most organizations have a great deal invested in relational databases and have many database instances distributed throughout the enterprise. Developing applications based on relational databases is one of the greatest challenges and involves translating from relational data to XML objects and back. In addition, the end user needs to understand and integrate database transactions, queries, caching, locking, sequencing and other key database concepts. The Biomni Integration Accelerators for databases provides an out-of-the-box, highly performing database connectivity solution.

The Biomni Integration Accelerators for Microsoft SQL Server allow you to get your implementation up and running quickly and feature the following:

  • Installed from a simple .exe to an existing implementation.
  • Ship with a sample test database to get you up and running.
  • Full instructions are included on how to configure the accelerators to your other systems

Request Update

The Front Office Request Update Accelerator is designed to populate request fields with additional item information derived from a configurable SQL data source. 

Front Office versions supported: 8.1 onwards

File name: AcceleratorRequestUpdateHook81.zip

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