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Cloud and Server Provisioning

Incorporating cloud-based services in your service catalog allows your users to easily request those services and IT to rapidly respond and provision. Biomni’s flexible integration features enable any private or public cloud service provider to be orchestrated and automated within any Front Office’s fulfillment workflow.

The following Biomni accelerators and adapters provide integration into various cloud providers and server provisioning tools:

Amazon Web Services

The Front Office Amazon Web Services Accelerator provides the ability to provision, de-provision and manages AWS (Amazon Web Services) servers from within Front Office.  

Sample service and request templates can be downloaded from Templates - Services for Front Office ...

File name: AcceleratorAWSAdapterInstallerV2.zip


The Front Office Cloud Stack Accelerator can be used to provision and manage virtual machines running within a CloudStack architecture.

File name: AcceleratorCloudStackAdapterInstaller.zip

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