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Active Directory

The Front Office Active Directory Accelerators allow you to easily integrate your Front Office processes into Active Directory. These accelerators provide the ability to create, amend or disable AD users or add users to the relevant AD group to provision the service request, for example, to automate software provisioning. 

Accelerator - Get AD Attributes

The Front Office Accelerator Get User AD Attributes can be configured to populate request fields from the “Requested For” user’s Active Directory attributes. Request update and field changed hooks are supported.

Integration settings hold the mappings between request fields and AD attributes.

File name: AcceleratorGetUserADAttributesInstaller.zip

Active Directory Group Membership Accelerator

The Accelerator AD Group Membership Adapter handles adding/removing Active Directory users to/from AD Groups. It also enables users and sets account expiry dates. The adapter supports 3 “types” or request: 

  • Basket request (with single part), using an appstore 
  • Generic Request
  • User Activation Request 

It supports Front Office version 8.1 onwards.

File name: AcceleratorADGroupMembershipAdapter.zip 

Retrieve Active Directory Groups in External Listbox

The Front Office Get AD Group Accelerator, allows for an external listbox field within a Front Office request form to present live Active Directory Groups to users and for the users then to be able to select and associate the appropriate group or groups to the request.

Front Office versions supported: 7.3 onwards

File name: AcceleratorGetADGroupsELBInstaller.zip

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