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Notice functionality allows the posting of alerts or information to be displayed on the home page, for a specified period, to some or all users. The notice will be displayed in news- ticker style, in scrollable format; clicking on a specific notice expands to the detail.

Once clicked, the notice is displayed in rich text format, or the user is routed through to a predefined URL. Both types of message type (alerts or information) can be themed in Admin > Settings > Theme.

A notice can be restricted to a user group or be visible to all users; a title or plain text summary text can be entered for display in the news ticker (if both are entered, only Summary text will be displayed in the ticker); Full Description with optional image (rich text long description click through) or URL (internal or external to system), with optional external reference; start date/time and end date/time; activation flag (useful for regularly repeated messages).

A news ticker style preview is displayed on the Notice maintenance list page.

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