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Creating a Panel Category

On selecting ‘Service Catalog’, three types of category (container) are available: Add Category, Add App Store, and Add Panel.

A panel can be used to insert real-time HTML content from an external source, such as a report or website page, into the Service Catalog. The panel's content can be updated without requiring the user to reload the surrounding page.

The panel requires a Name and a Panel URL. The name can optionally be displayed at the top of the panel.

Several properties are available to allow displayed information to be both secure and appropriate to the user:

  • User ID
  • User Name
  • Email Address
  • Culture Code
  • Time Zone
  • Security Token
  • Web Root Address (system)

An additional CSS class may be specified for styling. The summary panel height can be specified to override the default size. Panel scrolling can also be controlled.

This feature can also be designed to allow a button click from within the panel to automatically generate a contextual request, using information passed from the panel.

Support is now available for popups to be displayed on the main site when initiated from an externally hosted Service Catalog HTML panel/portlet. The ability to display popups within popups is also possible. The sizing of the popups can be controlled.

A number of additional features are available to support richer featured panel data and presentation.
Please contact the support team via the Community at https://frontofficehelp.biomni.com/hc/en-usrequests/new for further information.

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