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Support for Microsoft® Reporting Services delivered reports, via an embedded report viewer within Front Office, is available. This powerful report generation tool supports wide-ranging report requirements, rendered in several output formats. Some sample reports are available, and more will be added over time, although the solution seamlessly supports the addition of customer-specific reports (it is assumed that measures will be considered to mitigate the impact on performance of the production server).

Reports firstly need to be registered in Front Office via the Admin > Organization > Report screen, where additional user group access privileges must be assigned. An access right controls the display of the Reports menu option to end-users. All reports are visible to the Admin user or to Supervisors.
The Reporting tab on the Configuration Check screen in Admin > Support menu can be used to confirm set up information.

Please refer to the Installation and Upgrade Guide for customization guidance and details of the shipped reports.

*Feature not fully available to unlicensed customers. Please email info@biomni.com to find out more information or to enquire about upgrading your license.

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