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User Groups

The purpose of a User Group is to allow easy linkage of a number of users to specific areas within the system, including access control of categories within the Service Catalog, Service Catalog endpoints, specific Bundle, Request Type or Reports. Additionally, user groups can be used in an approval stage, to allow faster approval resolution.

Any number of User Groups can be created, and users can belong to many groups. Use of multiple groups can provide ultimate flexibility for each relevant functional area. The quick search option is a wildcard search on User Group Name.

User Groups can be created via the user interface or imported using two CSV or Unicode text files User Group and User Group Members.

This article covers: Creating a User Group

Creating a User Group

To create a new user group, select User Group > Add option within the Organization category. Each user group must be given a unique ID and a name, then (active) users can be linked to the group via the popup selector.

The Can See Full Catalog checkbox is only used within the Approved List feature.

Users Groups can be edited as required via Organization > User Group > View. Groups in use, e.g., Service Catalog, Approval, Request Type, Bundle, Reports; cannot be deleted.

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