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Cost Center

Each user on the system must be associated with a Cost Center. This allows the costing of requests to be placed against not only a user but also their Cost Center.  A Cost Center can be created for each department/area within an organization. A group of Cost Centers forms a Division.

Note: every request must be associated with a user/cost center combination. The system is shipped with the single General cost center, which can be used for users if no other cost center functionality is used within a customer organization.

Each Cost Center requires an assigned Cost Center owner, selected from the users on the system. The owner is established as a failsafe for any totally incorrect request type approval configurations and will not normally impact on the Approval routing relating to the Cost Center. Approval configuration is covered in further detail within the Approval section of this guide. 

Cost centers can be created via the user interface or imported using a CSV or Unicode text file.

The quick search option is a wildcard search on Cost Center Code, Cost Center Name, User Name, or Division Name. A checkbox allows deactivated Cost Centers to be included in the search.

To create a Cost Center on the system via the user interface select Cost Center > Add option within the Organization category. Cost Center names and owners can be edited by selecting Cost Center > View within the Organization category.

A Cost Center code cannot be edited; if the code is incorrect a new Cost Center must be created, and the incorrect cost center deactivated so that it can no longer be selected when creating new requests.
Historical requests using this cost center will continue to be available and both active and deactivated cost centers are available in Request List Advanced Search.

Cost Centers can only be deactivated if they are not associated with a user.

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