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Delivery and invoice addresses can be included in the request process via request field association of two shipped fields: Delivery Address and Invoice Address. Additional ‘address’ type request fields can also be created and both address types will be available for selection. An address can be designated as the Organization default address via standard Request Field defaulting and a user can also be assigned an exception default address, set via the User Maintenance option.

A default address will be determined via a hierarchical search: User > Organization. If no value is found at either level, then no default address will be shown but a user can select an address from the standard address picker within the request.

Addresses can be created or updated via the user interface or imported using a CSV or Unicode text file.

Existing Addresses can be edited or deleted.

The quick search option is a wildcard search on the Address Name and all address lines plus zip code. Additional filters allow restriction by Address Name and by delivery type.

This article covers the following topics:

Creating an Address

To create an address via the user interface, select Address > Add option within the Organization category. Each address created needs a unique code for identification. An address can be designated as only available when a specified supplier is included in the request; likewise, when the Requested By or Requested For user is part of a specific division on the system. A delivery or invoice address (i.e., shipped ‘system’ field’) can be designated ‘editable’ if the requester can free text enter a location.

Editing an Address

Addresses can be edited by selecting Address > View within the Organization category. If addresses have been downloaded to Front Office from an Integrated Supplier, they will not be editable.

An address can be deactivated, which will prevent it being displayed for end-user selection. Any request field or user field default associations must be manually updated, although validation will ensure an inactive address is not submitted on the request.

Setting an Address Format

An Address Format by country can be configured from Organization > Address > Address Format. This is particularly useful if requesters can enter free-text addresses. The number of address lines can be configured, as well as any mandatory elements.

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