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A bundle is a collection of items from one or more product catalogs, grouped for easy selection. The contents can be fixed or marked as optional for the requester when placing a request.

Each Bundle is given a name and a description, which can be configured with rich text formatting/images as required. Bundles can be linked to specific Request Types ensuring that when selected, the relevant request forms and approval routing rules are assigned.

A clear view is given to users where various types of item must be requested together, and a selection can then be made from any optional items within the same view.

A bundle can be imported to or exported from another Front Office system; an imported bundle will be set to ‘deactivated’.

System Configuration Settings:

  • Maximum Image Upload Size (KB)
  • Email Address of Support Team

The following topics are covered in this article:

Creating a New Bundle

Select Bundle > Add from within the Catalog, Supplier & Bundle category.

Each bundle is given and a name, description and whether individual bundle items can be removed, or quantities edited in the cart. Bundles can also be linked to a specific user group to restrict access and a specific request type, so that a relevant request form will be launched when the bundle is requested. Images and hyperlinks can be added via the Image Manager icon within the Description field. If no product images are available, selecting ‘List’ will allow a grid textual view rather than the ‘App Store’ like display.

Once the main details are completed, items can be added to the bundle, list boxes of items can be created, and separator text can be created to format the presentation in the bundle display.

Editing a Bundle

Bundle details can be edited, and items added, changed, or deleted from bundles by selecting the Bundle > View option in the Catalog, Supplier & Bundle category.

Validation of Bundles

Catalog changes can invalidate a bundle, making it impossible to request by a user. A once daily scheduled task validates all bundles and emails the Support Desk of any invalid active bundles. A Validate Now button in the Bundle Maintenance list can also request the validation task to be run. A specific bundle will always validate on save. Invalid bundles are listed in red.

A Replace Item button on the Bundle List allows rapid replacement or removal of invalid or superseded items.

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