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Off-Catalog Ordering

Off-Catalog ordering can be used to request products or services from suppliers who do not have a catalog on the system or for suppliers who may not publish their full catalog. Off-catalog ordering provides a free text entry of item descriptions and part code, defaulted but can be overwritten with supplier specific product number if known. Off catalog item requests can follow an individual Approval route by applying a specific off-catalog commodity type to relevant suppliers. Off-catalog ordering can also be activated for initial request from an ‘unknown’ supplier, with an additional stage in the Approval workflow to enable a new supplier / part number to be created.

Off-catalog functionality is activated from within the System Configuration section.

System Configuration Settings:

  • Allow Unknown Supplier for Off Catalog Items
  • Enable Off Catalog Ordering
  • Net Price required for Off Catalog Items
  • Off Catalog Page Intro Text
  • Off Catalog Page Name override
  • Show Net Price of Off Catalog Items

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