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Commodity Type

Commodity Types can be assigned to specific products or services within the catalog and/or against specific suppliers. Commodity Types have two main uses within the system:

  • For use within the approval matrix to identify approvers for specific product/service requests submitted for approval.
  • For filtering fields appearing on the Request forms when requesting specific products/services.

For filtering request fields, Commodity Types can also be mapped to the standard commodity code structure (UNSPSC); this globally used classification hierarchy for products and services is frequently used by suppliers when publishing catalogs via the Supplier Gateway. The assignment is via the entry of the required classification code; top-level must be entered and then up to three additional levels.

Commodity Types can be accessed via Catalog, Supplier & Bundle > More... link.

Note: this field is still referred to as the original name of ‘Purchase Type’ in both schemas and the database.

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