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Requests & Approval* Overview


This category enables you to define and build the specific request forms that users will see when requesting products and/or services from suppliers, as well as (internal) fulfillment rules. Many individual request forms can be created to ensure the correct information is obtained at the initial requesting step relating to the type of product and/or services required. Each individual request type can have a specifically designed approval workflow incorporated to ensure that any business and financial approval criteria is adhered to when requests are submitted, prior to the requests being fulfilled.

f request approval is required prior to fulfillment or closure, the approval module has many options to suit your specific organizational requirements, which can be configured with minimal ongoing maintenance. Approval workflows can include full approval, staging and notification roles during the workflow process. Approval rules can incorporate any combination of organizational structures, rules relating to division and/or cost center, different commodity types being requested and the financial value of requests. Approval can be designed to work both sequentially or in parallel where required, with latest catalog update options during the approval process, as well as reminder and escalation functionality at each step of the approval chain.

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*Feature not fully available to unlicensed customers. Please email info@biomni.com to find out more information or to enquire about upgrading your license.

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